Friday, April 27, 2012

What An Irony

Some days back when most of the people were raising questions about retirement of Sachin Tendulkar from the cricket world, I was getting higly frustated thinking why someone is telling a great player like him to retire even when he still scores a lot better than most of the new fresh guys and then in all that hustle came the statement from the great player that "Mean are the cricketers who talk of retirement at the peak of the carrier and I want to give Indian cricket everything". It felt so good after his statement that wowww, there is someone who thinks for the game and for the country.

But today came the news that Sachin has been nominated for Rajya Sabha and he has given his approval too. Now that was something which hurts. He has earned all name, fame and money. Each and everyone whether its young, mid aged or old has always supported tendulkar and now when its time to give something back to the country, coaching the new guys, you want to be a minister. Ok lets say that its fine its an individual choice, but then if you are going to be a minister then you have to leave cricket or you have to leave politics. Otherwise, you will keep holding place of a youngster cricketer in the squad and at the same time will hold someones seat in the Rajya Sabha.

Cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar and Mahendra Singh Dhoni are brand ambassadors of Indian Navy and Indian Army. They have been awarded a very reputed post so that youngsters can be attracted towards Army and Navy and serve our Nation. But, I think very few people know that these 2 cricketers have all the time in the world to do the brand advertisements of other products but have not attended a single function in the duration of past 2 years of Army and Navy for which they are brand ambassadors. If you guys do not have time then why the hell did you accepted the award and post. I do not have any problems with sachin and dhoni playing for our nation. I always love while sachin is batting, its a delight. But I will just say that Sachin you are very nice person, do not go in politics. Else, try to make some more sachins and world class players for our team. We need you in our Indian Team and not in Rajya Sabha!!  

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