Tuesday, September 1, 2009

India Lifts Nehru Cup

New Delhi, Aug 31 Goalkeeper Subrata Paul shouldered India to a sensational 6-5 victory in a shootout over Syria and retain the ONGC Nehru football Cup, they won in 2007, at an overflowing Ambedkar Stadium Mnnday night.
Paul in an amazing display of reflexes and anticipation saved three spot kicks in the tie-breaker after the two teams failed to score in regulation time and scored once each in the dying minutes of extra time. Man-of-the-Match Paul, who had an outstanding tournament, blocked shots from Wael Ayan, Ahmad Haj Muhmad and Hamzeh Alattouni. Already we have news regarding the same, however, I would like to put my point which i feel below. This is just another in series for my last blog for Marry Kom Boxer...

Its very good that our dying football in India has started coming up as we have also qualified to play in Asia Championship. However, there was no hype in the media regarding the same. Rather the news channels were showing news that cricketer Harbhajan Singh fined for INR 3000 for driving his Hummer without number plate.
Our cricketers even if they eat something comes in limelight, but our other sportsmen still struggle after playing for India....

Is everyone still see only cricket as our sport. Wake Up guys, support other upcoming sports. Only sports like football, badminton, boxing etc.. can win as an Olympic Medal not cricket.
Atleast, I will only support Indian cricket team now if they win us a World Cup. Are you guys with me.


Talaash(In Search Of Love)

Main talashtaa hu apne yaar ko, Kahi to hoga,
koi to hoga, Jo pukarta hoga mere naam ko,
In waadiyo se puchta hu, Uske ghar ka pataa,
Koi to hai is jahaan me,
Jo mujhe bhi dhoondhta hoga apni yaadon me.
Main talashtaa hu apne pyaar ko,
Main talashtaa hu apne yaar ko,
Koi to hai jo karta hoga mera intezaar,
Koi to hai jo hoga bekaraar,
Koi to hai jo samajhta hoga yeh khaamoshiya,
Jiska dil bhi dhadakta hoga mere dil ke saath,
Main talashtaa hu apne pyaar ko,
Main talashtaa hu apne yaar ko,
Wo manzil bhi mujhe pukaarti hogi,
Wo raaste bhi muje dekhte honge,
Koi to hai, jinki baahon ko Hoga sirf mera intezaar,
Main talashtaa hu apne pyaar ko,
Main talashtaa hu apne yaar ko


Shoot The Marbles


Crazy Taxi

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