Thursday, June 3, 2010

IS Bangalore Lossing Its Wealth??

Once upon a time Bangalore was the city of lush greenery. Ask any Banglorean about the trees on either side of most of the roads in Bangalore, a decade ago. They would probably shed tears of blood today at the axing of numerous trees all over the city to make way for the modern infrastructure. This cosmopolitan city, was once naturally air conditioned, having pleasant weather throughout the year, basically because of its greenery and color - the city has a new color every month. The pleasant weather which gave the people a "lay back" attitude was dubbed as the city for retirees. However today it is the hub for all the activity happening in the Country. Today Bangalore is one of the most after cities in the World.

But at what cost ? People living in areas around Jayanagar, Sampige and Margosa Roads in Malleshwaram are bearing the brunt of this "murder" of large trees in the name of Infrastructure. While we do understand the importance of Infrastructure and support all the efforts of the Government, we are at the same time concerned at the axing of the trees resulting in our "Bengalooru" losing all the originality of "Garden City "

While trees are axed at one part of the City to make way for new roads, subways, Highways, Skyways, the existing trees which have still not come under the radar of the authorities are either dying a natural death for lack of care or used as Sign posts to attract business. Our freelance writer Rajesh Dangi brings to light the "near death" status of trees in Bangalore and suggests ways to save Bangalore's Green Cover.

Who care’s there are still lot many trees around!! This seems be the attitude of people and administration when you see diminishing garden city. Yes, the word ‘diminishing’ is used categorically to instate the alarming situation. A widely lush green area around Center Jail road is now no more than just a slaughter house of builders with fancy apartments.

It has become a normal sight to see trees being cut, uprooted or falling victim to termite attacks and no one seems to care about them. Large termite attacks, cutting off branches, cutting off the full grown trees on roads and public area’s, uprooting for basement constructions, and umpteenth number of advertisements nailed on the trees for PG accommodations, call taxies etc. Heart broken, I felt like an important organ of the city being amputed!!

The day will not be far when people who want to live in Bangalore will start running away from the Garden City. Help for a cause, plant trees, stop the slaughter of our environment... and lets make Bangalore a paradise to live in..


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dhoni & Men Lead INDIA Out

Well Well Well, what a sudden turn of emotional routes for Men In Blues...
Some days back our respected Indian Captian Mr. MS Dhoni went so emotional down the lane when he lifted the IPL cup. However, today with sudden turn, no outbreak of emotions and words are coming up when for 2 consecutive years Indian team got thrown out of World Cup. Players like Irfan Pathan(plays only for Shilpa Shetty,never for India), Harbhajan Singh(wanna perform and lift Neeta in excitement only for Mumbai Indians) were given preference over some key performers in IPL. And what to say for the players when our captain himself is not sure what he is doing.

Seems that the Indian Cricket downfall has started as our IPL has kept the states and money way ahead and important than our country India. All the players gave more than their 100% for IPL, if they would have given even 50% of the same we would have made to the Semis.

Instead of blaming Modi for IPL frauds, case should be filed against the players that they play for their state teams in IPL and not for country in World Cup. Seems will be better if these players are sent back to their respective Ranji state Teams and get the fresh blooming buds who wanna whole heartedly play and win it for India.

Wake up BCCI, we still have time for World Cup,get the fresh breed for representing INDIA. A humble request to all my friends and blog readers,let us support Indian team to win tournaments and not win the ads and movies.

Let us work together to win India respect we deserve!!!!!!! Probably believing in the new breed of players can help us,instead of players concerned only with their development...


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hike Indispensible

On a dark and foggy night, a small figure lay huddled on the railway
tracks leading to the Chennai station. At once I was held back to see
someone in that position during midnight with no one around. With curiosity
taking the front seat, I went near the body and tried to investigate it.
There was blood all over the body which was lying face down. It seemed that
a ruthless blow by the last train could have caused the end of this body
which seemed to be that of a guy of around my age. Amidst the gory blood
flow, I could see a folded white envelope which was fluttering in the
midnight wind. Carefully I took the blood stained envelope and was
surprised to see the phrase “appraisal letter” on it. With curiosity rising
every moment, I wasted no time in opening the envelope to see if I can find
some details about the dead guy. The tag around the body’s neck and the
jazzy appraisal cover gave me the hint that he might be a software
I opened the envelope to find a shining paper on which the appraisal
details where typed in flying colors. Thunders broke into my ears and
lightening struck my heart when I saw the appraisal amount of the dead
guy!!!!! My God, it was not even, as much as the cost of the letter on
which the appraisal details were printed…. My heart poured out for the guy
and huge calls were heard inside my mind saying “no wonder, this guy died
such a miserable death”… As a fellow worker in the same industry, I thought
I should mourn for him for the sake of respect and stood there with a heavy
heart thinking of the shock that he would have experienced when his manager
had placed the appraisal letter in his hand. I am sure his heart would have
stopped and eyes would have gone blank for few seconds looking at the near
to nothing increment in his salary.
While I mourned for him, for a second my hands froze to see the employee’s
name in the appraisal letter…hey, what a strange co-incidence, this guy’s
name is same as mine, including the initials. This was interesting. With
some mental strength, I turned the body upside down and found myself
fainted for a second. The guy not only had my name, but also looked exactly
like me. Same looks, same built, same name…. it was me who was dead
there!!!!!!!! While I was lost in that shock, I felt someone patting on my
shoulders. My heart stopped completely, I could not breathe and sprung in
fear to see who was behind……… Splash!!! Went the glass of water on my
laptop screen as I came out of my wild dream to see my manager standing
behind my chair patting on my shoulder saying,

“Wake up man! Come to
meeting room number two. I have your appraisal letter ready”.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Is tendulkar the 1st to hit a double Ton???

In Gwalior Roop Singh Stadium the GOD of cricket Sachin was there on the pitch and he went on to score the double ton. Everyone including me is rating this knock as his best. However, is it true that Sachin is the first one to score a double ton in One day internationals.

If anyone is aware of women cricket teams then they can easily identify that the 1st double ton in one day international was hit way back in Women's World Cup 1997.
In extolling Sachin Tendulkar’s recent double hundred, many seem to have overlooked a fact. The little master isn’t the first to break the barrier in One Day Internationals (ODIs). It was Australian Belinda Clark, who notched up the first ODI double century in a World Cup match in 1997. The lady scored 29 more runs than Sachin off just eight more deliveries.

Agreed that what sachin has done, and the tower of records he is sitting on can shy down the cap any existing batsman, but being a cricketer if he himself does not know that he is not the first one to hit a double ton, so does he still remains the GOD of cricket............


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