Wednesday, October 14, 2009


आज फिर मुझको उसकी याद दिला दी बारिश ने
दिल में जो भूल की आग थी वो बुझा दी बारिश ने
मैं तो तनहा था अपने घर में ज़माने से परे
मगर मेरे घर की दीवार गिरा दी बारिश ने

उस के जिकर से हो गई मेरी आंखें नम
मगर दोस्तों में सारी बात छुपा दी बारिश ने

सुना है, रोया है आज वो भी बोहात
लगता है उसको मेरी याद दिला दी बारिश ने

वो बेवफा हुआ तो फिर क्या हुआ
आज मेरे साथ रो कर वफा निभा दी बारिश ने


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Indian Cricket Team- At a Glance

No need to guess the person who when starts batting, everyone stops other activity and watches it delightfully. No need to guess the person whom the world calls "Master Blaster", who absolutely destroyed many and have set his own records those others, can only imagine of! and what he does...leave all the fans in disapointment giving his wicket as a gift at most cruicial stage of match.

History has seen Sachin's some greatest innings, however, history has also saw that when India needed him the most he showed his back. Once the opposition target reaches 300+ its bound that he will go back soon. Do you think that we need a player with most number of runs under his belt but who plays only for himself not for country because whats the use of so many runs when you cannot win a match for us at crucial time. History has seen some great batsman like Bradman, it was a dream for bowlers to get him out.. but every new bowler is getting so lucky that he takes Tendulkar's wicket without any problem...........

Yusuf Pathan-- Player who rose up from T20 cricket showing a lot of belief, however the other side of coin is that he plays only for Shilpa Shetty and Rajasthan Royals.
Whenever, India needs him he shows his back chewing a gum....

Harbhajan Singh: No doubt a legend and match winner bowler for India. But, he should know his limitations, he is a bowler. In match against pakistan, he considered his wicket more important than Rahul Dravid's wicket and got him run out as if he won a match for us....

MS Dhoni: The kind of changes he does with his hairstyle, if the same chenges he does on field, it might get better for India.He blamed bowlers for loosing match against pakistan, as if his batsman have done a wonderful job on the field.

I am just writing this so that people should support other sports where all our players are making us proud. Please support the cause, stop fake appreciation of crickets, show them the positions. Let them win the World Cup for us next year and we will praise them.... but please let them perform and then appreciate them.....


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