Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dhoni & Men Lead INDIA Out

Well Well Well, what a sudden turn of emotional routes for Men In Blues...
Some days back our respected Indian Captian Mr. MS Dhoni went so emotional down the lane when he lifted the IPL cup. However, today with sudden turn, no outbreak of emotions and words are coming up when for 2 consecutive years Indian team got thrown out of World Cup. Players like Irfan Pathan(plays only for Shilpa Shetty,never for India), Harbhajan Singh(wanna perform and lift Neeta in excitement only for Mumbai Indians) were given preference over some key performers in IPL. And what to say for the players when our captain himself is not sure what he is doing.

Seems that the Indian Cricket downfall has started as our IPL has kept the states and money way ahead and important than our country India. All the players gave more than their 100% for IPL, if they would have given even 50% of the same we would have made to the Semis.

Instead of blaming Modi for IPL frauds, case should be filed against the players that they play for their state teams in IPL and not for country in World Cup. Seems will be better if these players are sent back to their respective Ranji state Teams and get the fresh blooming buds who wanna whole heartedly play and win it for India.

Wake up BCCI, we still have time for World Cup,get the fresh breed for representing INDIA. A humble request to all my friends and blog readers,let us support Indian team to win tournaments and not win the ads and movies.

Let us work together to win India respect we deserve!!!!!!! Probably believing in the new breed of players can help us,instead of players concerned only with their development...


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